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Below you’ll find quick links to download all of Kit Morgan’s other books


The Prairie Brides Series

His Prairie Princess (Prairie Brides, Book One)

Her Prairie Knight (Prairie Brides, Book Two)

His Prairie Duchess (Prairie Brides, Book Three)

Her Prairie Viking (Prairie Brides, Book Four)

His Prairie Sweetheart (Prairie Brides, Book Five)

Her Prairie Outlaw (Prairie Brides, Book Six)

Christmas in Clear Creek (Prairie Brides, Book Seven)

The Cooke Brothers (Prairie Brides, Books 1-3)

Welcome to Clear Creek (Prairie Brides, Books 4-6) 

The Holiday Mail-Order Bride Series

The Christmas Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book One)

The New Year’s Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Two)

His Forever Valentine (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Three)

Her Irish Surrender (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Four)

The Springtime Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Five)

Love in Independence (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Six)

Love at Harvest Moon (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Seven)

The Thanksgiving Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Eight)

The Holiday Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Nine)

His Mail-Order Valentine (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Ten)

The Easter Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail-Order Brides, Book Eleven)

A Mid-Summer’s Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail Order Brides, Book Twelve)

The Columbus Day Mail-Order Bride (Holiday Mail Order Brides, Book Thirteen) 

The Prairie Groom Series

August (Prairie Grooms, Book One)

Ryder (Prairie Grooms, Book Two)

Seth (Prairie Grooms, Book Three)

Chase (Prairie Grooms, Book Four)

Levi (Prairie Grooms, Book Five)

Bran (Prairie Grooms, Book Six)

Amon (Prairie Grooms, Book Seven)

Cutty (Prairie Grooms, Book Eight) 

Newton (Prairie Grooms, Book Nine)

The Dalton Brides with Kirsten Osbourne and Cassie Hayes

The Escape (A Prologue) by Kit Morgan, Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes

The Rancher’s Mail-Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne

The Cowboy’s Mail-Order Bride by Kit Morgan

The Drifter’s Mail-Order Bride by Cassie Hayes

Hank’s Rescued Bride by Cassie Hayes

Benedict’s Bargain Bride by Kirsten Osbourne

Percy’s Unexpected Bride by Kit Morgan

Justin’s Runaway Bride by Kit Morgan 

The American Mail-Order Brides Series

Lottie: Bride of Delaware (American Mail-Order Brides Series Book 1) 

Leora: Bride of California (American Mail-Order Brides Series Book 31) 

Kindle Worlds 

Montana Sky: Anson’s Mail Order Bride 

Cutter’s Creek

That Healing Touch (Cutter’s Creek Book One)

Mail-Order Bride Ink

Dear Mr. Weaver (Mail-Order Bride Ink Book One)